Actor With CP to Star in ABC’s ‘Speechless’


Young actor Micah Fowler who has cerebral palsy in real life has been cast in ABC’s comedy pilot “Speechless,” which is about a family with a special-needs child.

Fowler will portray JJ, the family’s eldest child, who is nonverbal.

Minnie Driver will star as Fowler’s mother in the ensemble comedy that also stars John Ross Bowie (“The Big Bang Theory”) as Driver’s on-screen husband, Kyla Kenedy as the middle child and Mason Cook as the youngest. The potential series will revolve around the family as they tackle day-to-day challenges.

It’s wonderful to see Hollywood bringing us a story about disabilities – and doing it as a sitcom! Certainly a life of disabilities has challenges, but perhaps the greatest challenge is getting others to see the many moments of normalcy. I’ve been fortunate enough to have read the wonderful pilot script and it is honest, endearing, and fun. And it shows the exasperation a person with disabilities feels when other see difference instead of similarity.

As a Foundation which works so hard to use mass media to change perceptions, we are thrilled to see this news. Bravo to Scott Silveri and Jake Kasdan – who have given us an honest look at everything from first generation Asian Americans to adults confronted with a spouses death to life as a single woman – for seeing what so many of us get to experience every day: that people with disabilities have lives of challenge and frustration….. just like all of us!

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