iRobot empowers people to do more inside and outside the home.

Disabilities that come with mobility impairment can often make simple tasks at home, such as vacuuming and mopping, just a little bit harder.

However, although not made specifically for those with disabilities, iRobot Home Robots can completely eliminate some of the hardships that come with using traditional cleaning tools for those who struggle with mobility. iRobot calls these devices “the world’s most important robots,” which improve the quality of life for all users.

The Braava Jet Mopping Robot and the Carpet Boost Vacuum Robot are just two examples of iRobot’s rechargeable robotic navigators that can be let loose to clean your home with ease and return to their base when out of battery.

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CPF does not specifically endorse any brand we mention here. Our intent is to highlight various products that can potentially be useful to people with CP or related disabilities.